Violin & Viola Studio Information

A listing of violinists appearing as soloists with orchestras throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas in the 2005-06 season
An alphabetical listing of shops specializing in stringed instruments and bows, as well as repairs and supplies. Use the map to find your nearest dealer.
The current version of my Wheaton College lesson schedule
Guidelines to help understand the educational limits of "fair use" for photocopying printed music. From Section 107 of House Resolution 2223, the "Copyright Revision Bill" of 1976.

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The files below are in Portable Document Format (.pdf), and require Adobe Acrobat Reader (or other PDF reader) to view or print. This software is available for free; simply click the image to the left.
Basic 10-stave 5-line staff paper. Print your own whenever you need some!
A simple one-year calendar cycling continuously through the twelve chromatic tonics.
A hybrid system of standard three-octave scale fingerings (after Flesch, Galamian, Schradieck, et al), presented on a single page.
12-note rhythmic variations to be applied to 3-octave scales.
Expanded one-octave arpeggio progression to replace the sequence in Flesch's system. Written in lower octave only.
A one-page worksheet introducing the concept of intermediate notes, which are indispensable in the development of accurate shifting.

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